Why my Windows VPS is extremely slow?

We get a time-to-time complaint about VPS slowness and it is interesting that 95% of the time is not slow but it is how you connect or use the VPS. In the following document, I will go through some steps to identify and fix the problem.

1. the most common mistake is using VNC instead of Microsoft Remote Connection. I am surprised how many times we have this. VNC protocol is very slow especially working with Windows so please make sure you are using only Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). For more information, please visit: Here!

So we know what is the main reason so please use only Remote Desktop Connection. If the IP does not connect then open a ticket and we will help you.

2. Please check the CPU, RAM, HDD resources that your server is currently using. Sometimes a buggy software can use all the resources and abuse the resources, which make the server very slow and laggy. You can easily check that by opening Windows Task Manager and look at the resources.

3. Location of the server. Your location and the location of the server. It is very important to have a good latency to have a good connectivity to the server. For example, if you live somewhere in Canada it is best for you to get a server in Canada or USA which is close to you other than get a server somewhere in Europe however it depends on what you are trying to run on the server. RouterHosting has multiple locations in different countries. You can also ask our support to change the location of your server as well.

4. Not enough resources. Sometime you just need more resources. In that case you have to upgrade the server to a higher plan which you can easily do it from your management area or you can open a ticket and we will help you.

5. If none of the above was working then please contact our support team.

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