01- Sales (16)

Pre-Sale, Order and Products

02- Checkout & Billing (12)

Payment methods, Cancellation, Billing terms and etc.

03- VPS Management (19)

All about managing the ordered services

04- Infrastructure & Locations (9)

Infrastructure, Networking, Technology and etc.

05- Abuse & Suspension (3)

Abusive activities and compensations

06- Common Questions - FAQ (12)

Common Questions & FAQ


 What is Hostname? What should I enter for a Hostname?

Hostname or VPS Name is an identification which is a name you give to identify a server. So it...

 How to add funds to the account and how to check available credit balance?

Please follow the instruction below:Step1: First login to your Control Panel...

 Could you provide test file and test IP (looking Glass)?

You can ping and download from each of our available locations and choose the best location for...

 What is ALLOWED and what is NOT ALLOWED?

Any legal activities are allowed as long as it is not harming our network and users, and the...

 Why my Windows VPS is extremely slow?

We get a time-to-time complaint about VPS slowness and it is interesting that 95% of the time is...